Video Game Tester Jobs

Video Game Tester Jobs


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One industry that is fast growing and providing opportunity of making real cash to a lot of people is the gaming industry. If you know a lot about gaming and you are looking for real ways to make money at home from it, then this article is for you.
Video Game Tester Jobs
Video Game Tester Jobs
The gaming industry is emerging and becoming more lucrative on a daily basis and one of the ways you can make money online working in this industry is to start working as a beta tester. Read on to learn how.  
If you are still wondering what a beta tester does, then let me spell it out for you. As a beta tester, your job will require testing new versions of games before they are released, testing new games and then providing a review to the developer about the glitches, bugs and crashes that you have noticed with the game. This of course will help the developer fix the glitches and bugs before releasing the game officially. 
Like any other job you apply for, working as a beta tester requires a lot of skills, competence and you must be interested if not addicted to gaming. You will also need strong concentration because you cannot detect glitches if you are distracted. There is no special qualification or certification. All you need is to be a good gamer and I can assure you the pay is really nice
Survey has shown that experience gamers earn up to $40,000 in average income annually. 

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